Tuesday, May 20, 2014

F American Girl now!!!!!!

Hi readers! I am very ******* mad to announce that AG is archiving Ruthie, Ivy, and Marie Grace and Cécile. Good news if I get an A on my math final (that's nearly impossible my math teacher takes off points for like everything ). I get cécile. So I'm just going to say this now: F U AG F U Mattel F U Beforever. F U Corporate. 

Thank you Pleasant Rowland for giving us the REAL product made with love and care, Not some Sh*tty product that Mattel is making. I'm going to be searching for yard sale dolls and eBay pleasant Cos from now on. 

I'm really sorry I swore a lot in this post.... I just am really mad and stressed. And as soon as I get some boy dolls my connected horror/drama/romance/mystery series begin filming

1st one 
The boarding school (the first school)
14 year old Skyler Rimes is a chosen one. She doesn't know. Her school is newly built, but on top of an ancient culture's kingdom. What will happen?

2nd one
The boarding school (2nd inspired by house of anubis)
14 year olds Natalie, Scarlett, Mae, Alexander, Aaron, and Edward. Are a chosen group of people to solve the mystery of their dorm. There are other characters for drama storyline Faith, Zoey, Harry, and Jonathan

Leave comment if u r excited for my new series or hate AG right now

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  1. I am quite angry with American girl, and I love your blog! Great job! :)