Tuesday, March 26, 2013

C, B, and my dolls

My friends C+B came over today and brought their dolls. C has Molly (a 2008 birthday present) and Emily (a 2013 birthday present). B has Kit (a 2008 birthday present) , Caroline (a 2013 birthday present), and a borrowed doll, Kaya!

We took this really cool pic of all our dolls!

Top row starting left
Nellie, B's Kit, Ruthie, My Kit, My Caroline, B's Caroline, my Emily, my Molly, C's Molly, C's Emily

3rd row starting left
Samantha, Marie-Grace, Julie, Ivy, Kaya, Kirsten, Felicity, Elizabeth, Rebbecca

2nd row starting left
Mia, Lanie, Kanani, McKenna, Saige

Front row starting left
Sarah, Dakota, Maya

Expect posts from B+C soon!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Molly and Emily's fun part one

Molly and Emily were having a playdate. Emily's little sister, Kirsten, came along too.

Their teacher, Miss Rubin, told them their ride was here.

She helped them to Emily and KIrsten's babysitter's car.

Emily got in first to the left seat.

Kirsten got in next. She went into the middle seat.

Molly went in last, she took the right side seat.
Their baabysitter, Liz gave them snacks. Kirsten had a double strawberry donut.

                                          Molly had a rasberry-dark chococlate popsicle.
Emily had an ice cream biscuit.
The girls went into Emily's room and changed. mOlly got out her iPod Shuffle and iPhone, while Emily got out her iPod Touch.
the girls got out their American Girl Dolls. Molly brought Caroline and Emily got out her favorite doll, Kit.
They then changed thier dolls' clothes and played with them for a while.
They then played on the family room computer.
Emily's sister Kirsten was playing Wii.
Their babysitter was playing on the family nookcolor.
They were all hungry and wnated a snack. Molly asked if they could have some some hot chocolate.
LIz prepared the hot chocolate.
The girls were ready for their yummy hot chocolate!
They quickly drank their yummy hot chcolate!
While they were having their hot chocolate Emily's momcame home!
Everyone siad goodbye and thank you to Liz  as she left.
Emily asked her mom if they could go outside and and play. Her mom said yes!
They went ouside and played spies together.
Soon it was dinner time.

Molly had rice and soy sauce.
Kirsten had a leftover omelette from breakfast.
Emily had sushi and soy sauce.
Emly's mom had fish and seaweed.
For dessert the three girls split a parfait.
Then Molly got a call from her mom. Her mom said i'm coming to pick you up. Molly said we are'nt done with dinner yet. can you pick me up at 9:30. Afer lots of arguing, Molly's mom finally agreed.
To continue their game of spies Emily set up her teepee,a great hidig place.
They then all got in.
to continue their game even further, they went into the creepy attic guest bedroom.
They then heard footsteps.
Oh no! It was Molly's mom.
The girls hid in the storage section of Kirsten's closet. Molly thouht there was alot of junk in there.
The moms discussed plans on how they would find the girls. Emily's mom siad she'd look outside and on the 3rd floor. Molly's mom the main floor and attic.
The girls realized the moms were onto something. They knew they had to double hide. They hid in the cramped clothing part of the closet.
After an hour, Emily's mom came in and shook a stuffed animal through the door.
She didn't see them and assumed theywere'nt there. She then left. The girls knew they had to move.
They decided to hide in the VERY messy attic playroom.
They crammed into the closet.
They then closed the door. They heard a call saying "If you don'd come down right now there will be no apple products for onemonth!" They figured they better get down there!
Since Molly already had all her stuff with her, they ran down to the livingroom to hide. Emily, Kirsten, andMolly's bag hid under the table. Molly shoved herself under the couch.
They then went to the dining room to see if theycould hear any conversation in the kitchen. Molly was up first. All she could hear  was her mom's voice, probably searching for them in  the kitchen.
Emily was next. She heard the kitchen door slam close! She knew it was probably her mom coming back from seaarchng for the girls.

Last was Kirsten. She knew the moms were having a conersation, but could't make out what they were saying. The girls figured they should "turn themselves in".
They did just that. Their parents were enjoyig a delicious dinner keftovers meal. After all, it was around 11 pm.
Molly and her mom said goodbye and left.

While Molly was getting in bed she got a text from Emilly that said: U 4got ur skirt and doll bloomers. I'll bring them 2 u @ Sunday's bake sale. Molly then said KK and thx.
to be continued................................