Monday, July 22, 2013

10 days of hair: Layered hair

You will need
Dolls with layered hair
A doll brush

Step 1: get rid of the frizz
Heavily brush the hair
Step 2: make it look nice
Brush it more
Step 3: style it
Get some ponytail holders and come up with styles her are mine
Style 1: ribbon braid
You will need
Ribbon clip from AGP hair set
A small ponytail

Step 1: choose side for braid and use a short layer of hair
2: then brush that out
3. Clip in ribbons
Put in ponytail
Now you're done

Style 2: simple ponytail 

Step 1; brush hair into ponytail form
Put in ponytail 

10 days of hair

I have a new feature starting today called 10 days of hair!!! I will do hairstyles how tos for 10 days

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catalogue part 15 more dolls and store

More dolls!

Catalogue part 14: josafina

Her bedtime set and dresses! I love her nightie and summer dress!

Catalogue part 13: kit and Ruthie

I love this!!! Her reporter dress is sooooo adorable!
Kits adorable bedtime set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some cute things and the best friends collection

Catalogue part 12: Julie and Ivy

Her bedtime stuff!!  I love her sound and accessories! I might buy them soon!
This is a cute new set for summer! I also love her dog walking set! I hope to complete her casual outfit with that!
Some cute outfits and the best friends collection!

Catalogue part 11: Caroline

Caroline's adorable bedtime set
Her travel set!!! I absolutely love her spencer and hat!!!!!!!
I love everything on this page:)!!

Catalogue part 10:Molly and Emily

I'm sooo sad they're archiving Molly and Emily:(! I'm. Going to get Yank though:)!!
I love Molly's birthday set! I really want it!
This page is adorable I love Molly's new bed set and Emily's pjs and robe 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Catalogue part 9: dress like your doll

I love this! My favorites are the flower outfit and the purple peacock PJ's

Catalogue part 8: My AG part 7

Love this
I love all this new hair stuff! I want it soooo bad!!!!
I love this especially the sweet spring dress and the pet stuff 
I love the talent show set and the new scenes are awesome I'm going to buy some

Catalogue part 7: my AG part 6: sports

I love this just too cute
I love this page! All the cute sport sets!

Catalogue part 6: my AG part 4

I love the new pjs and pet bed! I also just love the I love pets pj's and the lounge chair!

Catalogue part 5: may AG part 3

I love the mix n match set:)!!!!!!

I love just about everything on this page:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catalogue part 4: my AG part 1

All the dolls:)! I love every single 1!
Some cute My AG pics

Catalogue part 3 Saige

Saige and her books and accessories! I love her accessories:)!
More Saige stuff! I love her tunic outfit and dress for girls!
Saiges parade set! I hope to complete since I have the hat and helmet!

Saige's Pajamas  and starter set! I love love love her pajamas!
Hot air balloon set.  I love it all!
Painting set just too cute!:)